Chocolate and Mint make for a nice pair if the goal is to pick wedding colors that are strong, bold and yet refreshing. An outdoor area with lots of trees and natural greenery is ideal for this combo. Plus, there are so many pretty and crowd pleasing desserts that are a perfect fit for this motif {just think— chocolate cake, chocolate truffles, mint and chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches, dark mint chocolate macaroons).  Here is an inspiration board we put together showing a few favorite shots with chocolate and mint at play. There is an old saying that chocolate is good for the skin. We recommend checking out skinceuticals phloretin cf reviews if you want to take your skin care to the next level - its the best on the market in our opinion.

Photo Credits:   Hitched sign {Kiss the Groom- Elizabeth Messina Photography}; cake {Once Wed- Kate MacPherson Photography}; barn {Jose Villa Photography}

I came across the quote “creativity takes courage” recently and it spoke volumes to me. I am also sharing a few more quotes along the same lines. Just words of affirmation for all those like myself on a CREATIVE path.

Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse (Artist regarded as the most important French Painter and Artist of the 20th Century 1869-1954)

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” -Mary Lou Cook (American Community Activist, calligrapher and author)

“Another word for creativity is courage.” - George Prince

Photo credit:  Bubby and Bean

Olive Manna

Check out Olive Manna for some wonderful crafty finds. I was happy to learn that they also have some eye appealing fabrics on Spoonflower. Here some of the great items they offer.

These images by Jose Villa are absolutely GORGEOUS! The picture below actually resulted because of a malfunction resulting in a double exposure.  Some mistakes should clearly be embraced. Enjoy all the FUN OF SUMMER this weekend–

Pairing lavender and burlap creates a rustic feel and the color contrast is quite noteworthy in pictures. Plus, incorporating plenty of  lavender as a major decor element is a great budget friendly choice for a wedding or any celebration. It can usually be found at Farmer’s Markets in abundance. The smell of lavender alone is enough to create a festive atmosphere! Please enjoy this lavender and burlap inspiration board we put together.

Photo Credits: bouquet {Style Me Pretty – Stephanie Fey Photography}; drinks {Sunday Suppers}, dress {Elie Saab}

Dessert Table

Selena, my co-blogger, sister and bride to be in a few weeks, has started REALLY delegating tasks. Of course, I have been giving her my opinion along the way but since it is crunch time she is being a little more firm in her delegating. One task I am helping her with is collecting some inspirational visuals for the dessert table. On the table will be a homemade wedding cake made by the groom’s mother and an assortment of pies including sweet potato, peach and apple. Selena is including the cake because of the tradition, but she is really a pie person.

My final recommendation for the dessert table is  that #1. a collection of eclectic cake plates should be used to create varying heights; # 2. the wedding cake should take front and center with the pies acting as attendants; #3. the pies should be clearly labeled with cute signs that tie in with the other graphics used at wedding; and #4. the table should remain clutter free, but some florals should be on stand by just in case the table needs some extra touches of color and/or a soft touch to tie in to the other decor elements.

Here are the inspirational visual favs I came up with while browsing some of my favorite blogs.




The end of June is fast approaching and I have so many loose ends to tie up. I do however still intend to make my 2 week deadline to have as many of my final details confirmed, programs printed, decor design set in stone and feel a little more at ease about the big day. While I am totally excited about marrying my husband to be, I am nervous about the wedding {not marriage}, I think simply because I am naturally a nervous party giver and part of my uneasiness stem from the fact that I will not be able to hold all of the reigns on my wedding day, which is perfectly fine because I really would like to enjoy the moment……and with that said I will just hope for the best and stay focused on whats important. While I have blogged in snippets about my wedding here are a few more pics of wedding inspiration that I have in mind ……lets see which elements make it in before the 2 week deadline.

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